Stained Shirt


A voyage through the history of Cyprus until today. A glimpse of powerful, glorious, and tragic moments as they are inscribed in the collective body and soul of the people of the island.

How history is recorded in the body and soul of the human beings?

Which history? The one that separates us or the one that unites us?

Between two copper plates, standing like tomb stones, a man comes from afar to trace the imprints of his past. The separation, the sacrifice, the pain, the loss, the desire and love for life, the necessity to transcend and be free, are basic conditions for all human beings.

Idea / choreography Machi Dimitriadou Lindahl

Music Giorgos Kolias

Song Konstantinos Melides

Images from the work of Telemachos Kanthos’ The Hard Times

Video art Christoforos Larkos

Lighting design Giorgos Lazoglou

Dance Loizos Konstantinou

Premiered at the Cyprus Dance Platform, Rialto Theatre 2010