Andromachi Dimitriadou Lindahl was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. Graduated from the Hellenic State School of Dance (KSOT), in Athens, she studied contemporary dance at the Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation in New York, with a scholarship from the Alexander S. Onassis foundation.
She also studied release technique with Nancy Topf in New York, and later in Paris with the dancers of Trisha Brown, contact improvisation with Didier Shiloh, Tai chi and Qigong with Da Liu and Jan Nevelius.
A Greek diaspora choreographer, she has lived in Paris, New York, Stockholm, Nicosia. She founded Asomates Dynameis Dance Company in Paris in 1996 . She created and performed numerous works with her company in various dance festivals, in Greece, Sweden, France, India, and Cyprus.

Her works are characterized by a lyrical, fluid and expressive dance language that focuses on the human experience, relating the past with the present, the contemporary with the archaic.
Body memory, loss, dystopia, gender and social issues constitute the canvas for her dance narrations.
Her research on the embodiment of the myths and the ancient Greek drama archetypes, has led her to works like Persephone – a women’s journey to the underworld, Echo, Andromache, Epitymb, Antigone, Suppliants, Sacred Body, Oros / Mountain, Breath, Ma(t)ter, Image / Representations.

Her video dance Cherographies has been awarded by the 15th Festival du Film d’ Art of the ASCHBERG / UNESCO foundation 1991.
She was commissioned to direct and choreograph the first part of the opening ceremony of the 50th anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus, with her work The Thread of Time, in Nicosia, 2010.
She represented Cyprus at the assumption of its Presidency of the European Council, with her work Antigone, at the Maison de la Musique et de La Danse in Strasbourg, 2017.
She organized the Dance Symposia: ‘Body and Heritage’ 2011, ‘Body and Music’ 2012, ‘Body in Conflict and Reconciliation’ 2013, ‘Body and Gender’ 2014, ‘Body and Time’ 2021, within the Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute, in collaboration with the Dance House Limassol, Dance House Lefkosia, and Engomio Cultural Centre.

Jury member of the ASCHBERG / UNESCO foundation (1993).
Founding member of the Nicosia Dance Lab (2005)
Jury member of the Kypria International Festival and of the European Dance Festival.
Jury member of the MASH Dance House Jerusalem International Choreography Competition (2015 – 2016).
Member of the board of the Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute, CCOITI (2011 – 2019).
President of the International Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute, IDC of ITI
(2013 – 2017).
Vice president of Dance House Lefkosia (2020 – present).