SEFR (Zero)

SEFR (Zero)

Fellow travelers in a glance, a breath, a gesture.

The moment the mind becomes silent and connected to the breath, the body becomes present in its temporality and spatiality.

Empty of all intentions, one listens to the “void”, experiencing a state of being which in Taoism is described as wu, the emptiness, or sefr in Arabic. It is where everything ends but anything can be born again.

Two people, a musician and a dancer, carrying each his and her own baggage of personal memories and experiences, meet at the point of the “void” and share their joys and pains, their voices and silence. They depart and return to the SEFR, an inner voyage to recognition of oneself and the other.


Concept / writing / direction Demetris Spyrou, Machi Dimitriadou Lindahl

Choreography Machi Dimitriadou Lindahl

Music Demetris Spyrou

Performance / Interpretation Machi Dimitriadou Lindahl, Demetris Spyrou

Production Asomates Dynameis, within the frame of Nea Kinisi Summer Dance Festival.

Performed at an abandoned house on the Green Line, UN Zone in Nicosia, July 2015.