Sacred Body


Do we consist only of matter?

Is the body the garment of the soul?

What is the meaning of Incarnation?

Is Sacred Body the body that becomes one?

One with what?

What is Sacred and what is its antipode?


The new work of Asomates Dynameis Dance Company is dedicated to the search of the meaning of “sacred” as it is expressed through the body.

Five dancers present their personal voyage through the experiences of the body, expressing a wordless logos that communicates symbols and archetypes of our common memory as well as images that speak of desire, birth, love and power.

Sacred Body becomes a field where the body reflects upon its own nature, dancing the incarnation, the experience of being together, the ecstasy and the sacrifice.


Idea / choreographic direction / creation Machi Dimitriadou Lindahl

Interpretation / creation Rania Glymitsa, Hamilton Monteiro, Alexia Nicolaou, Fotis Nicolaou, Fotini Perdikaki

Music Giorgos Kolias

Lighting Panayiotis Manousis

Photography Pavlos Vryonides

Production Asomates Dynameis with the supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus, Terpsichore program for Dance Research and Development 2013.

Performed at the Pallas Theatre, Nicosia and at the Theatro ENA, Limasol, November and December 2013.

From Sketch to Stage: Exhibition of choreographic notes and sketches of the work, video screening, presentation of the choreographic process and discussion with the audience.