A dance piece about stamina, compassion, spiritual quest.

An intimate voyage of personal elevation that signifies both the quest for meaning and the human desire to encounter oneself and the other. Four performers narrate their stories and leave traces of their personal paths. In them, we recognize aspects of ourselves.

We share journeys in common, although they may seem different. The human chain continues its path, crossing landscapes that sometimes seem dark and grim, other times bright and transcendent.


Concept / Choreography Andromachi Dimitriadou Lindahl

Music: Konstantina Polychronopoulou

Set / Costumes Elena Katsouri

Lights design Giorgos Lazoglou

Photography Giorgos Stylianou, Pavlos Vryonides

Graphic design Ernst Lindahl

Video trailer Christophoros Larkos

Dance / Co- creation Loizos Constantinou, Fouli Stylianidou, Ivi Hatzivasiliou, Giannis Econimides, Kyriakos Blaze Ierodiakonou

Production Asomates Dynameis within the frame of the Terpsichore 2018 program for Dance research and development of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cyprus.


Presented at the Dendro Theatre, Nicosia and the Rialto Theatre 2018 (full version)

At the 3rd Zante Dance Festival, Zakynthos 2018 (extract)

At the Dance Waves International Festival, Egomion Cultural Centre, Nicosia 2019 (extract)

At the 3rd Dance Bridges Festival, Kolkata 2019 (extracts)

At the 1rst Cyprus Choreography Showcase, Rialto Theatre, Limassol 2020.