Liquid Body: A Study on Empathy


A Study On Empathy

The Mediterranean Sea is full of stories of migration as far back as human memory goes. The liquid element calls for voyages and odysseys, sometimes identical with freedom and sometimes with peril.

Water carries people and stories. Water transfers memory. Water tunes in, water communicates. Every day a human life negotiates its salvation or its peril.


Water feels.


We are 70% made of water.


Choreography / dramaturgy Machi Dimitriadou Lindahl

Music Giorgos Kolias

Costumes Elena Katsouri

Dance / Co-Creation Alexia Nicolaou, Vicky Kalla, Paulina Ioannou

Video / Photography Christoforos Larkos

Photography Pavlos Vryonides

Production Asomates Dynameis with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cyprus.


Performed at the Dance House Lefkosia, at the Rialto Performed at the 16th Cyprus Choreography Platform, Rialto Theatre, March 2016.