What does it mean to feel trapped into your own body?

Not to be able to speak out, to shout, to sing, to cry?

To feel like being a silent cry?

Echo who has been punished by the goddess Hera to repeat only the last words uttered by others, and she has been deprived from her own voice, falls hopelessly in love with Narcissus who drowns in the dark waters of a lake, absorbed by his own reflection with which he falls in love.

The myth becomes the base for a research on the sound of the body and the “body” of the sound.

Through repetitions of gestures and movement phrases, music soundscapes of emotional intensity and visual images that create an outline of the myth, the narration at times dissolves into an unidentified darkness and at times reveals like the choreographic language, the essence of the myth in a direct, detailed and even crude way.


Choreography / dramaturgy / text / interpretation Machi Dimitriadou Lindahl

Music Demetrios Savva

Video art / photography Christoforos Larkos

Scenography / costume design Machi Dimitriadou Lindahl

Light design / technical support Yiangos Hadjiyiannis

Production Asomates Dynameis with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Education.

Performed at the Dance House Lefkosia, Nicosia 2014.