A dance theatre based on the renowned tragedy by Sophocles.

Antigone is an anti-war play that reflects upon human nature, hubris, violence, compassion, death and the things beyond. Antigone embraces the winners and losers alike with humanity, and confronts the absurdity of war and power in her refusal to be dehumanized. “I was born to love, not to hate”, she proclaims, defining her spirit and becoming a symbol of moral courage.

In our dance-theater adaptation, four dancers embody the roles of the tragic heroes and the chorus. Kinesthetic memories are discovered as we investigate the gestures, the expressions, and the dynamics of the relationships, representing archetypal forms of movement and body language: expressing rebellion, courage, pain, confrontation, love, despair, and mourning.

Through dance language, we narrate scenes, episodes and chorus pieces, sometimes in a fragmentary or abstract form, using phrases from the original text in ancient Greek or adapted in modern Greek language. We follow the dramaturgy of the play, yet create a new corporeal form of storytelling.


Direction / Choreography / Dramaturgy Andromachi Dimitriadou-Lindahl

Music composition / interpretation Giorgos Kolias, Demetris Spyrou

Set design / Costumes Elena Katsouri

Light design George Lazoglou

Dance / Co-creation Loizos Constantinou, Alexia Nicolaou, Fouli Stylianidou, Panagiotis Tofi / Plotinos Eliades

Video trailer / Photography Christoforos Larkos

Production Asomates Dynameis with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cyprus, Terpsichore program for the Dance Research and Development, 2015.


Performed at the Dance House Lefkosia, at the Rialto Theatre, Limassol, Cyprus, June 2015 and at the Maison de la Musique et de la Danse, Strasbourg, within the frame of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of Europe, April 2017.