“Acheiropoietos,” not made by human hands, is a term from Byzantine icon painting that suggests the involvement of another creative force.

Images of Panagia, the Mother of God.

A church in Thessaloniki, founded on top of Aphrodite’s temple.

Care, worship, prayers. Shelter of the refugees, slaughterhouse of the unbelievers, trophy of the conquerors.

The one who embraces all, endures all.

Temple as body, body as temple.

Roles that we act out or reject.

Acheiropoietos as the essence of our existence.

Acheiropoietos, like Her invisible presence, that reassures us on our journey: “Go, and I’ll be there”.


Concept / choreography / text / dance performance Andromachi Dimitriadou Lindahl

Musical composition / performance Konstantina Polychronopoulou

Video art Christoforos Larkos

Light design Aleksandar Jotovic

Photography Pavlos Vryonides, Ingemar Lindahl, Anthi Kettirou


Produced by Asomates Dynameis Dance company for the 21st Cyprus Choreography Platform and performed at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol, November 2021.

Performed as ACHEIROPOIETOS II at the “From the sea” festival, in collaboration with the International Dance and Theatre Centre of Milos, at the ancient amphitheatre of Milos, June 2022.